=>brahmbhatt barot is indian caste .brahmbhatt barot caste is spread all over the world. brahmbhatt barot caste as per hindu mythology and story is come from to brahma's forehead. this cast is past before mahabharat and ramayan =>there are diffrent diffrent story that barot word is use for brahmbhatt and vahivancha both and barot come from that every person has 2 lips but this cast persons are very clever two all say him as 12 lips so like this way word is come from sankrut word "bar + ausht" and then barosht and then barot and as per other think that this cast is 12 rules is called in gujrat "hath" then is caaled bar hath and in last woed is come as "barot" and this is below 12 rules in sanskrut""prathm hath padd chadhan , ugal amal banav ,trutiyo sabha ma besano ,chaturth rajri kavya ,panch paramparagat shreshth prerana,shath nar kirat,sapt prat.daan deyono,ashat rajdann laahan ,nav shakti samaran kare,das tragu dekh saar,ekadsh hari prerana,vakrtva hath baar "" => This cast is also as saraswati's child, and this cast is save and followers of cultured ,society's rules history and ,culture.In times of "king" this cast is get higher status and respect in kingdom ,and In most of kingdom this cast leave as president and minister of king.and get designation like in judge in kingdom ,true say directly king, and singer and writer poetry and history,and it is called as kingdom's poetr.and In many village and city when ever come difficault time at that time this cast is fight with enemy and scrifisy for the kingdom..and in many city stayus and khambhi of barots in short this cast is very brave and cultured. => There are many surname come In brahmbhatt barot . rana ,rao ,Harmani ,Indrani,Prabtani,maluka,devluk,barot, brahmbhatt,sharma,sondani.raoji..etc.
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